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Village Children’s Center Philosophy

Village Children’s Center is a learning environment where play, discovering, and learning go hand in hand. Village Children's Center is an outreach program of Trinity United Methodist Church of Los Osos, and has been in existence since 1968!  Values such as love, trust and concern for others are an integral part of our program. We believe in teaching and caring for the “whole child” and foster their cognitive, social and emotional development through age appropriate activities and experiences. We accept, respect and celebrate families and children from all nationalities, religions and backgrounds in our classrooms. We see children as individuals and take a positive approach in all of our interactions with young children. We are committed to building strong and supportive partnerships between our school and your child’s home environment and encourage parent involvement at school. Each member of our faculty and every aspect of our learning programs are dedicated to enable your child to be the best he or she can be and grow to their fullest potential.


Goals for Children are to:

develop a positive sense of self and confidence in their unique abilities

be able to express themselves through a variety of ways

learn and grow at their own pace in each stage of development

learn through empathy, understanding, self-respect and the ability to form meaningful bonds with others

develop a love of learning and school

develop self-regulation and self-help skills

Become problem solvers and critical thinkers.

Goals for our Families are to:

to be active participants in their child’s education

build a trusting relationship between school & home to form a partnership that works in the best interest of the child

contribute ideas, thoughts, and unique talents to our program through ways that work for each family

Goals for the Physical Environment are to:

be safe, secure and clean

be aesthetically pleasing, child friendly and parent welcoming

be intellectually stimulating

encourage social play and healthy choices, foster independence and encourage discovery, imagination and creativity

make the outside environment an extension of the classroom

These goals are adapted from NAEYC guidelines and enable us to provide a high quality program.

VCC Staff

Our Director and teachers meet all of the California State Licensing Requirements and are CPR and First Aid certified.  Our Director is on campus 5 days a week and in his/her absence a “site-supervisor” will be appointed and perform all Director duties.

Our teachers are loving and experienced individuals that take pride in working with children and creating a positive and enriching environment. Our teachers are all trained and experienced with a background in Early Childhood Education and receive training throughout the year provided by VCC.

Daily Schedule & Closures


Daily Schedule

Each classroom has a daily schedule posted in their room with outside time, snack time etc. Each day your child will participate in art, story time, dramatic play, independent play and much more. At the end of the day teachers fill out an information board posted in the classroom to give you some details about your child’s day. We do not allow drop off’s or pick up’s during nap/rest time so please make sure to read your child’s schedule.


School Closures

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

President’s Day

Good Friday

Spring Break

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veteran’s Day

Thanksgiving BreakWinter Break

Two Teacher workdays per calendar year will be announced in advance.


Thanksgiving Break includes Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Winter Break is two weeks in December through New Years.

Spring Break is the week after Easter

There in an annual fall work week each year


Specific dates for all holidays and school closures are included in the enrollment packet, posted in the office and additional copies are available upon request.


Non-Discriminatory Policy


Our program does not discriminate on basis of gender, ethnicity, race, national origin, religion, color or special needs in determining which children are served.  We understand the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to make reasonable accommodations for such children.

Our program refrains from religious instruction and worship.


Admission Requirements


Each potential family will meet the director and visit VCC prior to enrolling

Children entering the Yellow and Red Door must be fully potty trained.

All forms included in the registration packet must be completed and turned in at least 1 week prior to each child’s admission.

All registration fees and first month’s tuition must be paid before each child’s admission.

Our program is year round

All Students must be fully Immunized up to their age

You will be required to pay an annual Registration Fee in September





VCC Standing Rules

Only an adult may open and close the gates to the school.  The gates must be securely closed as you enter and leave.  Do not teach your child to open the gate.

Report any changes in address, phone numbers, ER contacts or schedule changes to the office.

Call the school if your child is absent for any reason.

Dress your child as you would for backyard play.Our emphasis is more on involvement with messy materials than keeping clothing looking nice.When dressing your child remember that they will be running, climbing, playing in sand & dirt and sensory table materials.They will also be using paint and other materials that can be messy.Children also work on self-help skills during meals and when toileting.We spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in the afternoon.Send your child with a labeled outer garment each day as the weather changes quickly in Los Osos.

Open toed sandals, Ugg bots, cowboy boots, flip flops, Crocs or similar shoes with slick bottoms are not allowed at VCC.Children must wear athletic type shoes that are safe for running on various surfaces and for climbing play structures.We will not accept children wearing inappropriate shoes with their athletic shoes in a bag for teachers to enforce this rule; parents will need to be certain that their child is in safe shoes before they leave home and arrive at school.Checking for appropriate shoes is part of our morning health check.

First Day of School


What to Bring:

Your child will need one set of extra clothes to remain at school all year and replaced as necessary.Please bring pants, shirt, underwear and socks in a labeled gallon size Ziploc bag.We will send a reminder note when new clothes are needed.If you can spare an extra pair of shoes, please include these as well.

If your child wears diapers bring a labeled pack and teachers will let you know when replacements are needed.VCC supplies baby wipes.

If your child stays past noon, please pack a nutritious lunch in a labeled lunch container.We do not have Refrigerators in the classroom so please include ice packs.

For children who stay for rest/nap, parents will need to send a crib sheet, blanket and pillow small enough to be stored in a 12”x10” basket.Your child may bring a small special nap item to cuddle.These items need to be labeled.Bedding will be sent home each week for parents to wash and return.

Send a family photo for your child’s classroom wall.

Apply sunscreen each day before drop off. We will only apply sunscreen on special water days with written parent permission.

< > All bottles must be brought to school already prepared and will be stored in the Purple Door Refrigerator. You may keep back up formula or Breast Milk in case of Emergencies at school. All Solids/Table Foods for Infants 3 months to 18 Months will be supplied by parents.Arrival and Pick-Up Policy

Licensing requires that you Sign-in/Sign-out your child each day.Sign-in books are located in the office, there is a separate book for each classroom.Children are listed alphabetically by last name in each class book.Locate your child’s name and sign your full name, no initials, and note the time signed-in and signed-out.Staff are not allowed, except under special circumstances and with director approval, to sign children in or out.

Only parents or designated persons listed under NAMES OF PERSON AUTHORIZED TO TAKE CHILD FROM FACILITY on Lic. 700 form may pick up your child for non-emergency reasons.If someone other than you or your designated adult is picking up your child, you must inform the teacher and or director in advance; this request must be in writing, signed and dated.If the adult picking up your child is on the ER form, we require written notice in advance or a phone call from you personally.If the person picking up your child is not recognizable to the staff, identification will be required before we release your child to an adult that is unfamiliar to us.Please inform all persons bringing or picking up your child of the sign-in/sign-out procedures.

If the designated person is under the age of 18, contact the Director in advance to designate a minor as the responsible person.

If the Director or a staff member feel that the person picking up your child is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will call you to make other arrangements.The Director or staff will also call 911 in this situation.

NO CHILD IS TO ENTER PARKING LOT WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION.Please keep a close eye on your child during drop-off and pick-up times.Do not teach or allow your child to open the gate latch.

We do not allow Drop Off’s or Pick Up’s during nap/rest

We encourage Children to arrive at school no later than 10:00am. If they arrive later they miss a lot of important developmental activities and it can be a hard transition for lunch and nap.

Dropping off and picking up on time:  Children must arrive and depart at the designated times.  The teachers have work to do each day before and after class.  This is their planning and prep time.  If you arrive early, you must stay with your child in order for us to maintain correct child-teacher ratios on the playground.  We ask that parents visit with each other outside the gated area.  It is also important to be prompt when picking up your child in the evening.  Children anticipate the arrival of their parents and often feel insecure when their parent is late.  Again, we calculate child-teacher ratios according to the time you registered your child to be here.

No Drop Off’s during lunch and Nap/Rest

The following procedure will be followed if your child is not picked up by an authorized adult at the close of school:

At 5:45 All authorized adults on phone list will be called

If an authorized person does not come for the child by 6:00, the Sheriff’s Department will be called to take legal supervision of the child.

You will receive a late pick up fee on your next invoice.


< >Tuition Policy


There are no reductions for months that include holidays or teacher workdays.  (Tuition covers the child’s place in school, not the amount of time in school) therefore absences due to illness or vacation day cannot be made up or discounted.

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  It is late if paid after the 10th of the month.  A late fee of $25.00 will appear on the following month’s statement unless you have prior approval from the Director to pay later. If we do not receive payment by the 15th, the VCC Advisory Committee will send a letter stating that your tuition is late along with a statement of total amount due including late fees.  If the amount due is not paid in full by the last day of the month, WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO ATTEND SCHOOL THE FOLLOWING MONTH until the tuition bill is cleared. We do not guarantee or save your child’s spot if this happens and you may be asked to leave the program if it happens more than once.

We will refer parents to a collection agency if tuition is unpaid more than 30 days and a written financial agreement with the Advisory Committee is not made.  We will charge 18% interest on all fees that are past due on the last day of our fiscal year.  Unfortunately, this is necessary as we are a small non-profit school with limited resources; we run our school solely on student tuition and fundraising.


Withdrawal From Program

If it is necessary to withdraw your child, we require 2 weeks written notice.  If no notice is given, payment of 2 weeks tuition is due before your child’s last day.  There is no refund if a child is withdrawn from the program.

Fees for Early Arrival or Late Pick Up

We do not unlock the classroom doors until 7:30 so please do not try and drop off before then. If you arrive after 5:30 you will receive a late fee of $1.oo per minute on your next invoice. If you are more than 15 minutes late we will start calling your emergency contacts to pick up your child and at 6:00 the Sheriff’s Department will be called. If you are running late please contact the office to inform the VCC staff. If you pick up past 5:30 more than 4 times in a month your hours may be cut or you may be asked to leave the program.

Returned Checks

There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks.  If a returned check occurs more than two consecutive months, VCC will require any future payments of tuition to be in cash or money order. 

Tuition Rate Changes

Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time upon recommendation from the VCC Advisory Committee, parents will be given a minimum of 30 days written notice.

Other Fees

If your child is enrolled in our half day program and needs to stay past the contracted hours you will be charged for a Full Day. We cannot always guarantee this request so please make sure to check with the Director 1 week prior.

Sibling Discount

A 10% Discount will be given to a family with 2 or more children attending VCC. The discount will be applied to the least expensive tuition.

Nutrition, Snacks, and Lunches

Your child will be offered snack in the morning and afternoon provided by VCC. Snack times vary by classroom and are listed on daily schedules.

Our snack menu typically include the following foods:

Cheddar, jack or string cheese

Sliced fruit

Sliced veggies

< >

Finger foods such asCheerios

LUNCH: Lunch will be provided by the parents and should be brought with your child at time of drop off and put in their cubby. VCC discourages sweets and encourages healthy food and all students will be asked to eat their “healthy/Growing” food first. Lunch time varies in each classroom so please look at your child’s class daily schedule for more information.

INFANTS: Please only bring foods that your child has had experience eating at home new foods should always be tried at home first in case of allergic reaction.


Sweets Policy: Special treats, like cupcakes or cookies, are allowed for special occasions like birthdays or holiday celebrations.  However, healthier alternatives like muffins and fruit salad are appreciated and well liked too. Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher before you bring in any type of special treats.

Health and Safety

Preschool children are at an increased risk for contracting germs that cause illness.  For the protection of your child and the other children, if you see any signs of illness, PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILD AT HOME.  State law requires we inspect each child for signs of illness upon admittance each day.  Teachers will follow guidelines in our Illness Exclusion Policy and ask that you take your child home if any of these conditions are present.

Illness Exclusion Policy

VCC’s policy is that you keep your child home if the following conditions are present to significantly reduce the spread of infection and allow your child time to recover.

Fever, vomiting or unexplained diarrhea within the past 24 hours (Diarrhea is defined as runny or watery stools or stools that contain mucous or blood)

Nasal discharge that is thick, colored, or needs to be wiped every 5-10 minutes

Uncontrolled cough, wheezing, or difficulty breathing

Sore throat, swollen glands, or mouth sores

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) until treated for 24 hours with medication and there is no discharge

Head Lice or nits

Skin conditions such as Impetigo, Scabies, or Poison Oak until treated with medication or dried up

Known communicable diseases such as chicken pox (until lesions are dried up and there are no new ones), Strep Throat, Hepatitis A, etc.

Behavioral changes, continued crying or unusual irritability requiring a staff member’s undivided attention


You must keep your child home until he/she has been illness free for 24 hours.  If the 24 hours falls within the next school day, the child must stay home until the following school day.  Please report to the office any contagious disease immediately so that we can inform other parents. We may ask for a Doctor’s note before your child returns to school at our discretion. If you have any doubt, please keep your child home.  Staff will send your child home; if we cannot reach you, we will contact persons on the ER contact list to pick up your child. 


Discipline Policy

Positive discipline is used at all times.

Your child will always be treated with respect.  All adults in our program, including parents, will never use any corporal punishment, which is defined as spanking, pulling arms or hair, pinching or hitting.  Name –calling and threats are not permitted. Our first steps with unwanted behavior are to praise positive behavior when observed, re-direction and/or removal from the activity and/or classroom.  In cases of extreme unwanted behavior these are some of the steps that may be taken.

A plan of action will be developed with VCC staff and parents which will include a time frame for behavioral change and parental and program action.Referrals to an outside agency may be suggested or required.

If the child continually needs to be physically restrained from hurting themselves or others, or continually separated from the group, one or more of the following actions will be implemented.

We call parents and ask them to pick up the child if the behavior is unsafe to the child or other children.

Suggest a shorter day.

Require the parent to attend the program with the child.

If none of these options work we will discuss termination of enrollment with the family.


Additional Policies

Biting Policy

When biting changes from a relatively unusual occurrence to a frequent and expected occurrence, staff will communicate with parents and create a plan of action for the child that is biting.

Medication Policy

We administer medication only when absolutely necessary, with written authorization from parents.We will not administer medication until we have a completed “Medication Consent Form” on file. Please ask a teacher or the Director for a form.

Prescription medications must come in a container with a prescription label that includes child’s name, name of medicine, dosage, the licensed health care provider’s name, and pharmacy name and telephone number.

Over the counter medication must be labeled with child’s name.Parent’s dosage instructions cannot contradict that of the label instructions and medicine must be in original packaging.Non-prescription medications require the signed authorization form from the parent.If parent’s instructions differ from packaging or label instructions, VCC requires written authorization from the physician as well.

Nebulizer medication can only be administered with written instruction from parent and a prescription from child’s health care professional.Licensing form Lic. 9166 must also be completed and signed by parent.

We are not authorized to administer herbal or homeopathic medication of any type.


Please Note:

Medications prepared in bottle or cup may not be left with VCC staff.

The VCC staff is not authorized to determine when an “as needed” medication is to be given.Specific instructions are necessary.

Teachers sign their initials, time and date on medication log of when medication is administered.

We may refuse to administer medication if it interrupts our daily activities or is effecting your child’s day.



We encourage parents to apply sunscreen on their child’s exposed skin areas each day even on overcast days before drop off. We will only apply sunscreen on special days for example; water days.  We can only apply sunscreen with written permission; permission forms are available from your child’s teacher or the office.  We will apply sunscreen with UVA & UVB protection of SPF 15 or higher.  If your child is allergic to certain sunscreens, please provide the teacher with your child’s own sunscreen along with the write permission form so that we may apply as necessary.



In addition to including your child’s allergies on our enrollment forms, please tell your child’s teacher of any known allergies, medical or physical issues.  There is an allergy list posted in every classroom and in the main office.  Please let us know if you wish to keep any medical or physical issues confidential.


Smoking Policy

There is no smoking on VCC and TUMC’s property or facility.


Injury Policy

Life Threatening Illness or Injury:  In case of life threatening illness or injury occurring while your child is at VCC, we will call 911 immediately.

We will follow the following procedure in case of serious illness or injury:

We will call parent / guardian immediately.

If a parent cannot be reached, the Director or Site Supervisor will:

Contact the persons listed by the parent/guardian to call in an emergency.

Call doctor listed by parent / guardian.

Take child to the designated doctor or the emergency room.

Or, call an ambulance and accompany child to ER.




Minor Illness or Injury

The Director or teacher will handle minor injuries sustained at school.  We will only use ice, soap, water, bandages and lots of comforting.  We will notify parents in case of severe bumps, bites, cuts, etc.  Staff who witnessed the injury will send home an injury report. If your child receives a minor head injury we will contact you immediately via email or phone. If your child is not acting quite like himself/herself after any injury we will call to inform you.


Trust and confidentiality are a key component of the teacher and parent relationship.  Our staff will share information about your child’s development only with parents/guardians or necessary staff.  If a third party requires information about a child, parents/guardians will be asked to sign “Authorization to Release Confidential Information to a Third Party” form.  Only the Director, administrator and necessary staff have access to children’s files.

Home – School Communication

Communication between school and home creates a team that is important to your child’s education.  Parents are welcome at VCC at any time without an appointment, but the teacher’s attention belongs to the children during school so this is a difficult time for discussion.  We therefore have many ways that parents and staff can connect.

Each classroom posts a notice on their bulletin board to share each day’s activities.

Each classroom sends home a monthly newsletter and class calendar.

The teachers provide their class emails

The Director sends home a monthly newsletter

The Director posts messages in the office

Through an anonymous questionnaire parents are given the opportunity to evaluate our school each spring.The results are shared with you through the Director’s newsletter.We value these evaluations as they help us to make improvements to our program, help us create new goals and validate what is working for our families.

Parents have an open invitation to attend our monthly VCC Advisory Committee and/or Parent Committee meetings to voice concerns or share ideas.

Upon request, a “Your Child’s Day” form can be completed by your child’s teacher.

The Director has an open door policy and encourages parents to share any questions, comments or concerns.

Purple Door Students will receive a “About our Day Form” at the end of each day.

Grievance Procedure

We are open to and appreciate all feedback from parents. If you are having any concerns about your student please bring it to the attention of their teachers first and then the Director if needed. If your concern is with anything else please let the Director know as soon as possible so the issue can be resolved.


Observations and Assessments help us to:

Monitor children’s development and learning

Guide our planning and decision making

Identify children who might benefit from special services

Report and communicate with others


Teachers are continuously observing and assessing all of the students during their time at VCC both formally and informally. Teachers and the Director will share information with parents as needed or if requested by the parent. VCC also holds annual Spring Conferences where teachers and parents can meet and discuss their student and the assessment/observations. A parent or teacher may request a parent/teacher conference at any time and is encouraged if you have any concerns.


At VCC we practice “developmentally appropriate” curriculum.  Developmentally appropriate practice is the development of the whole child; Physical, Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Ethical/Moral, Communication, and Creativity.


With this in mind, our emphasis is on the process, rather than the product.  It is the process that fosters these important developmental areas; it is the process that promotes and encourages children’s individuality.


Each classroom has several “curriculum areas”, each designed for a specific purpose in promoting all areas of development for both individual children and the group as a whole.  The following are some of these curriculum areas: 


< >< >

Art/Writing Center

Dramatic Play

Science/Discovery Center

< >

Block Area

All by Myself Space


Disaster Preparedness & Emergencies


Our staff and students review and practice emergency procedures for fire, earthquake, lock-down and evacuation yearly. We have a detailed emergency procedure plan that can be viewed by parents upon request.

If we are instructed to evacuate our designated evacuation site where you will pick up your child is in Paso Robles:

Paso Robles Fairgrounds, 805-239-0655

2198 Riverside Ave, Paso Robles CA



Thank  You For Reading and Welcome to Village!